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Kona Cocktail Academy is the place to learn the tools, techniques and skill sets used by the world's professionals while doing something creative that you love.
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Not just the practical but also the life style, health, wealth, branding and networking involved in being a craft cocktail bartender. In four easy to learn modules of 25 classes each. Get 10% off if you sign up for the entire program all at once.

Why Choose KCA?

Gabrielle Maser has a knowledge and passion beyond her years. She is a true professional who loves her craft and brought our cocktail menu to a new level. She was meticulous in making out of this world shrubs for our seasonal craft cocktail menu and loved to share this knowledge with our members and staff. Gabrielle acted as a consultant as well, rearranging all of our bars to make them more functional for service and rewrote our service manual. It was a pleasure to work with Gabrielle. She is “old school” when it comes to the tenants of quality service and product. Anyone looking to learn about the industry would be lucky to learn from her.
Endorsement By:
Amy Dempsey 
Assistant General Manager / Food & Beverage Director at 
The Pacific Club
Honolulu, Hawai’i

From beginner to master there is always something more to learn.

 These courses are for general spirit knowledge for beginning bartenders but also for a more rounded set of skills like creating, crafting, being sustainable, building your brand, networking, ethics, how the moving parts of industry work, participation in your field, vendor relationship, competitions, giving back to your community and so much more. Courses also discuss more taboo issues like physical and mental health and salary negotiation. Join today and sign up for a single course or the whole education in one go. We look forward to having you.

What's in the Bottle?

Find out what your actually selling your guest, where your dollar is going and choose accordingly.


Plan your menus and cocktails around local ingredients and create recipes that create little or no waste. Incorporate these techniques into your every day habits.

Adding Skill Sets

Learn skills such as how to properly taste, how to create cocktail menus, how to interact with vendors, how to negotiate a salary and so much more!

Course Modules

Release your imagination & become a Chef of Spirits

From Shared Cocktails to Smoked Drinks & Tiki Style

Be Part of a Cocktail Community

It's a life style of learning and tasting and creating.

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